Jones Boys’ Rocketry

Poking holes in the sky, one rocket at a time.


to John and Christopher’s rocketry website.  I’d been building little rockets since before Christopher was born but it was only after he got old enough to go watch them fly that we started launching them.  That got me interested in rocketry again and I got my Level 1 High Power certification in 2003.  In the following years, however, our activity waned and we only launched occasionally.  Then we did a couple competitions, placing second as a team in one and taking first and second individually in another.  This piqued Christopher’s interest and we’ve been building rockets like nobody’s business since then.

Now we’ve joined a local model rocket club and NAR.  I’ve gotten into building high power rockets again and hope to get my Level 2 cert. before the end of the year.  UPDATE: L2 mission accomplished! (See the Story here.)

This site chronicles some of our adventures in rocketry.  Check out photos from the launches we attend and a database of our rockets and flights.

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Launching the Strong Arm at Great Meadow in Feb. ’08.